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Ensure Your Safety While on Vacation This Summer

Two people sitting on beach chairs, relaxing at the beach.


Two people sitting on beach chairs, relaxing at the beach.

Ensure Your Safety While on Vacation This Summer

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With COVID-19 restrictions relaxing all over the world, we know the itch to travel is becoming more incessant. We’ve prepared a few safety tips for you to ponder as you plan your trip for this summer. These tips and tricks will help you feel equipped for the new roads ahead.

Setup a Vacation Watch

If you’re a patrol client with Gates Security and have a 12-month contract, you’re guaranteed 2 weeks of complimentary vacation watch for your home. Our armed patrol officers will perform daily drive-by and foot patrols for your property while you’re away. Additionally, we’ll grab your mail and any packages that are delivered and secure them in the location you designate. Contact our Dispatch Center no later than 2 weeks prior to your trip to lock-in your vacation watch.

Avoid Oversharing Online

We know the beautiful views, celebratory selfies, and envy-inducing food pictures are hard to not post in the moment. It’s always best to wait until you’ve returned home from your trip to brag online. Even with your social media profiles on private, those who follow you will share with their friends about your trip and now you’ve exposed your home to the threat of being targeted in your absence.

Secure Your Luggage

Who wants to go through someone’s luggage? You’d be surprised. If your luggage is lost or found in the wrong hands, the last thing you want is your valuable items and important personal documents being ransacked and foraged through. We recommend investing in combo lock that will fit through the zippers of your luggage. It’s also recommended that on your luggage you refrain from tagging it with your name or physical address. Your personal cell phone number is sufficient.

Know the Local Emergency Number

If you’re traveling domestically, then you know 911 is the secret to getting help in desperate moments. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of researching and saving the emergency number for an international trips. While we like to think it won’t be necessary, many people think it can’t happen to them and then it does. We also strongly recommend investing in insurance for your trip… Again it may not happen to you, but if it does will you be prepared?

We’re Prepared to Protect you and yours. Contact us today for more information on the latest home security solutions!

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