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How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation Season

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A person using their security app -

How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation Season

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We know vacations are the perfect getaway to enjoy a relaxing change of scenery. However, we also know it’s difficult to effectively unplug when you’re away from home and haven’t made the necessary changes that will ensure every corner of your house is secure from threats.

We’ll provide you with the most effective steps you can take to thwart nefarious burglars and thieves from picking your home as their next target.

Prevention is Priority

Criminals will case neighborhoods weeks leading up to an event. They’re looking for the home with the highest probability of clean entry and greatest reward. The best thing you can do is to ensure your home does not make their list of probable hits. We’ll teach you some great ways to deter burglars and thieves from choosing your home.

Avoid a Sense of Vacancy

Always avoid leaving your home in a state where it could appear no one was home. Summer calls for late nights and extended stays. As a result, we suggest investing in smart-home controls. We provide alarm systems which have smart-home plugs that allow you to control any plug-in device from an app on your phone. We also recommend front and back yard lighting. Any extra step you can take to give the appearance of an occupied home further prevents threats.

Fortify Points of Entry

Every door to your home should be equipped with a deadbolt lock. You can take it a step further and replace any exterior doors with heavier wood or install strike plates to prevent forcible entry. Windows should always remain closed and locked, blinds should be shut, and valuables should not be visible through any window. Our security systems place sensors on all windows and doors, which alert you when one has been left open and can alert our dispatch center of a breach within seconds.

Invest in a Home Security System

The best deterrent on the market is a home security system. Gates Security will visit your home and walk you through all the exposure areas of your house to build a system that will work for you. Alarms, sensors, motion detectors, smoke systems, cameras and surveillance are all provided, installed, and monitored by Gates Security. Couple that with our own patrol and response division and your livelihood is secured.

We’re Prepared to Protect you and yours. Contact us today for more information on the latest home security solutions!

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