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We have partnered with UTC/Interlogix and can provide our clients with the best intrusion and fire equipment, training, installation, service and support on a global stage.

MTA_5347_001Technical Expertise – Another advantage to our service is our in house technicians.  Trained and employed directly by Gates Security, they meet the high standards and receive the latest training skills to ensure your system is installed and programmed correctly. We are licensed and capable of installing alarm systems for your business and then integrating those systems with cameras, access control or exterior perimeter protection systems. Understanding the limitations of each system and it best use is key to designing a security system that is reliable and trusted.




Concord Collection IIIntrusion Detection – We install, service and monitor only proven and effective intruder alarm systems that offer protection for people and property in a wide variety of applications. We provide solutions that cover residential and small businesses right through to large corporations and government agencies.

Equipment – Offering multiple zones of protection and full-featured wired or wireless security, our UTC/Interlogix panels and keypads are ideally suited for residential and commercial applications.  Easy-to-use and designed for reliable performance, these units deliver convenient and effective protection. With our innovative sensor options, alarm systems can be easily installed and provide the highest level of intrusion protection available.

AdvisorOne with application screenADVISOR – The Advisor™One self-contained, lifestyle management and security system detects situations and provides control AdvisorOne with traffic screenand information to home and small business owners. Featuring proven and secure wireless technology, the AdvisorOne panel communicates with various sensors to provide up to 100 zones of burglary protection and 24-hour safety across 8 partitions. For lifestyle management, the system’s optional Z-Wave® RF technology manages home automation devices such as thermostats, door locks, lights and other enabled appliances. When connected to the Internet, the AdvisorOne panel securely serves as a real-time information hub providing content to endusers including weather, news, traffic c and more. On an  integrated, full-color 7″ touch screen display, At-AGlance icons and spoken phrases (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese built-in) provide visual and audio reporting on building and occupant conditions. In addition to the integrated touch screen, local operation is also available via optional auxiliary Advisor Touchscreen’s placed elsewhere in the building. System operation in and around the building is possible using Bluetooth AdvisorOne with weather screenconnected mobile devices. Remote operation is possible using internet enabled devices via third-party services. The AdvisorOne panel can be connected for primary or backup reporting, system management via broadband, optional cellular communication or a regular phone line. It also reports to central monitoring stations using SIA or CID formats. Transmission over IP is supported using Osborne  Hoffman and SIA DC09 protocols. The AdvisorOne panel can be set to report alarms and other system updates to mobile devices via SMS.




Simon XTi KitSimon XTi – The next-generation Simon® XTi enhances the longstanding reliability and performance of the Simon XTi with the advanced technology of the Two-Way Talking Touch Screen. This self contained security system offers exclusive image capture technology, combined with powerful security and color LCD touch screen convenience, for a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.





FTP_1000_ho_openConcord 4 – Concord systems are designed to meet the security requirements of today, while being flexible enough to accommodate the changing demands of  tomorrow. System components can be easily modified and expanded to provide optimal protection in almost any situation. Plus, Concord works with  other systems, including home lighting, HVAC and more, for added lifestyle convenience. With Concord, homeowners have the flexibility to put together a security system that’s right for their home and lifestyle. It starts with our leading control panels, providing advanced features for complete protection and control. Concord keypads are designed for simple installation and user-friendly operation. Clear displays quickly relay system status, while emergency keys contact fire, police or EMS with one touch.


NX-148E door openNetworX – NX8 –For years, NetworX has provided leading security solutions for homes of all sizes. The NetworX control panel is at the center of a scalable system that can easily expand as security requirements change. Simple to install and use, NetworX keypads feature clear displays for at-a-glance system status. Dedicated emergency keys contact fire, police or EMS at the touch of a button. NetworX allows a home to be divided into zones of protection, each covered by specific sensors and detectors. If an alarm is triggered, the system displays the type of alarm activated and which area is affected.



Video Mgmt Software MonitoringIn-House Central Station Alarm & Camera Monitoring – Monitoring can be done anywhere in the world, but it sure is comforting to know our IMG_2019alarm systems are monitored locally in Southern California in our Palisades office with additional redundancy from a UL listed station in Orange County and Texas. Our competitors use monitoring companies back east and often your contract is sold to investment firms or third parties with little or no notification to you the client. Gates Security Central Monitoring Station located in our Pacific Palisades office offers local monitoring of both our clients alarm  and camera systems.


authorized_dealer_horizontal_web[1] – is the leader in Interactive Security and Connected Business technology, giving you solutions to monitor, protect and automate your business. More than a smart app or a cool thermostat, seamlessly connects the key devices in your business on one platform – so they work together, and work smarter.


secproimagesSecurity Pro DealerTrust a UTC/Interlogix Security Pro dealer for the latest in online alarm and camera monitoring and management.  Gates Security is a Security Pro dealer. Security Pros can also help you take full advantage of systems designed for modern life. Our customized solutions allow you to control your security system when you’re away from home for added convenience and protection.  Security Pros can install systems that let you check on loved ones, receive voice, email and message reports and control lighting settings off-site. In addition, the system can be adjusted right from your laptop, cell phone or other web-enabled device. Designed to blend seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, systems include user-friendly features such as easy-to-understand buttons for arming, disarming and delivering system status updates. Your local Security Pro can help you decide the system and features that best meet your needs.


IQimagesIQ Certified – Gates Security is IQ Certified. The IQ Certification Program was founded in 1997 to set standards and provide consumers with a way to identify alarm companies that are committed to excellence. The program is based on a simple principle: Security and life safety systems that are properly designed, installed by trained technicians using the finest equipment, monitored correctly and operated by trained users typically function without fault, failure or false alarms for years. In order to earn IQ Certification, alarm companies must undergo a rigorous evaluation by the IQ Certification Board, made up of security, law enforcement, fire, state regulatory and insurance industry representatives. Throughout the application process, companies must demonstrate that they adhere to the IQ Certification Program’s strict Policies and Guidelines.



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