Special Event Security


2010 PAPA TapiaOur security staff are trained facilitators who participate in every aspect of an event’s safety and security responsibilities. Our staff and experience is diverse. Our security teams are adept to environments PAPA setuprequiring a discreet presence and a conservative approach. However, we are equally experienced in providing an assertive posture for events that may be host to controversial attention or attract undesirable elements.

The manager assigned to your event will visit the event location in advance and will conduct a walk through to ensure that the necessary resources have been addressed. We ensure that any special

coordination with facility management or coordination with emergency services is complete. Our project manager will handle tasks such as communicating with local law enforcement to Ipad Jul13 245Ipad Jul13 215ensure a uniformed presence if needed, communicating with emergency safety services (ambulance and fire) to discuss evacuation plans and meeting areas in the event of a medical emergency, communicating with facility security to ensure resources are working in tandem with one another and with production staff to ensure that all security concerns are being addressed, and arranging for communication for the security detail.



Tdays Scott undercoverOur project management team will meet with the event publicist to determine other security concerns such as attending VIP’s requiring special attention. We will be available to meet with all production staff and volunteers to discuss how they should handle security issues and what we can expect of one another should a disruption develop.DSC07543 Parade 2010

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